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Jennifer Neville on the Lynda Steele show

What’s the legal precedent for banning smoking entirely in a multi-dwelling building? Jennifer Neville appeared on the Lynda Steele show to discuss the rights and obligations of strata corporations and owners with respect to smoking. Listen to her...

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Hamilton & Company wins precedent setting case

On September 21, 2017 Hamilton & Company led the way in a precedent setting strata windup lawsuit which resulted in a group of condominium owners winning a huge court victory over their neighbours. Lawyer Stephen Hamilton believes that BC Supreme Court...

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Adrienne Murray’s Outstanding CLEBC Contribution

Hamilton & Company is proud to congratulate Adrienne Murray for being recognized by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia (CLEBC) as one of their “most prolific volunteers” over the last 20 years. The CLEBC is the most respected...

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Are Strata Co-Owners obliged to approve annual budgets?

Stephen Hamilton was quoted in The Province in a reader’s Q & A piece by Tony Gioventu, Executive director of the Condominium Home Owners Association. A reader asked what would happen if she and her strata co-owners did not approve the budgets proposed...

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